eVI : Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy 

The guidelines for use of eVI (and integrated 3rd party products) are what you accepted when you proceeded to log in to the MGGS network. The activities that are expressly forbidden are replicated below for convenience;

  • Operating a business (including trading and operation of internet auction sites)
  • Gambling or carrying out activities that are illegal, offensive, defamatory, racist, discriminatory or against MGGS Policy & values
  • Accessing, downloading, storing, printing or distributing material that is illegal, pornographic, offensive, racist, defamatory or infringes copyright
  • Installing software without first seeking approval
  • To use the personal information of others in inappropriate ways e.g. for spam email or marketing of any kind
  • To use eVI without authenticating as an authorised account holder in the Melbourne Girls Grammar School network. It is illegal to use another person's account and/or password.

Note that eVI is designed with an "open" philosophy in relation to information sharing and communication. This means that in general terms the information within eVI is accessible, however; if required additional steps can be taken to secure information. Particularly sensitive information shouldn't be stored in eVI.

eVI will be used by MGGS staff, students and parents. There are ways of ensuring that information is only visible to certain groups of users, please
contact the eLearning team if you want advice on this.

Remember, you are responsible for the information you publish on eVI.

To view this information, please visit Synergetic's Privacy Policy.